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Our Staff

Staten Island New York Halfway Houses, 3/4 Sober Living Housing


Meet the Experienced & Professional Staff Consisting of the Owners, Managers and Admin Personnel at Harrison House Sober Livings of Staten Island, New York



With the many variations of 3/4 homes, sober living houses, halfway houses & transitional aftercare recovery homes throughout New York and nearby regions, it is often the case where on-site management actually has minimal or no firsthand experience within the realms of addiction, alcoholism, detox, recovery, etc.  As many of us in the recovery world know full-well, drug addiction/alcoholism and its many variations has absolutely no comparison and no equal to other maladaies.  Whether you believe addiction/alcoholism to be a disease, a condition, a set of bad circumstances or whatever, people working within the field of treatment and its many offshoots (like transitional housing, sober living homes, etc) shouls DEFINITELY have at least some firsthand experience in order to truly understand the horrors taking place in the mind of an addict…

 The staff at Harrison House Sober Living is there for our residents in more ways than one…and here are just a few of them:



(347) 581-5060

Executive Director – Client Services / Intervention Coordinator


(347) 598-6702

Executive Director – Facilities / Operations / Transports


(347) 583-5121

Office Administrator


(917) 297-9283

 Rehab & Treatment Liaison


(646) 404-7022

Resident Manager


(917) 697-0091

Spiritual Liaison – Salem Evangelical Free Church


The staff members listed are just a few of our wonderful team members!  Harrison House Sober Living Residences also works very closely with a number of off-site industry professionals such as; MD’s, Nurses, Addiction Counselors, Spiritual Counselors & Guides, Sober/Life Coaches, Clinical Social Workers, Addiction Interventionists, Therapists, Psychologists, etc. 

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For more information on Harrison House Transitional Sober Living Services of New York we welcome your call or email 7 days a week at:

(347) 581-5060 | (347) 598-6702 |

Or you may complete our CONFIDENTIAL contact form along the right hand margin of this page…normal response time is usually 2 to 4 hours.