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Staten Island New York Halfway Houses, 3/4 Sober Living Housing


View the current 7 different Harrison House locations available for men seeking transitional sober living housing and 3/4 homes in New York State



Unfortunately, East Coast states like New York tend to offer many fewer solutions for men and women seeking transitional housing, aftercare, sober living residences and 3/4 homes.  Nearly 100% of licensed addiction treatment professionals agree that the longer one spends in a healthy structured sober environment throughout the transitioning process of early recovery, the greater likelihood for not only attaining long-term sobriety, but also for attaining a higher quality of sobriety!  The staff of New York State’s “HARRISON HOUSE SOBER LIVING RESIDENCES” realizes on a number of levels – clinically, experientially, etc – that going from drug rehab treatment, whether it is a hospital-type setting or structured halfway house, and jumping bing bang boom right back into life is more often than not a recipe for disaster.  There are simply too many variables  at play…  Recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and/or dual-diagnosis issues is much more complex than many people realize, and making such a dramatic change in lifestyle can often require varying transition point within the process stemming from initial treatment to full-swing normal family/work life.

Harrison House Sober Living Homes of Staten Island, New York – a proud member on the Sober Nexus Network -  offers 7 different locations for men in recovery, stemming from upscale homes with affordable private rooms all the way to VERY affordable 3/4 transitional sober housing for those with limited financial resources.  We understand from many years experience that each individual has their own set of circumstances and that no two addicts/alcoholics are alike!


New York Upscale Affordable Sober Living Homes  New York State Sober Living Homes in Staten Island, NY  Harrison House Male Sober Living Housing



228 Morningstar Road, Staten Island, NY  10303

653 Cary Avenue, Port Richmond, NY  10310

313 Broadway, West New Brighton, NY  10310

1953 Richmond Terrace, Port Richmond, NY  10302

93 Harrison Avenue, Port Richmond, NY  10302

321 Broadway, West New Brighton, NY  10310

40 Larkin Street, Staten Island, NY  10302

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For more information on Harrison House Transitional Sober Living Services of New York we welcome your call or email 7 days a week at:

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Or you may complete our CONFIDENTIAL contact form along the right hand margin of this page…normal response time is usually 2 to 4 hours.

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