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3/4 Houses and Sober Living Homes in New York, NYHarrison House Sober Living Housing of New York


A Reputable Provider of Affordable Transitional Sober Living Homes and Transitional Recovery Housing for Men In Staten Island | New York City



Welcome to Harrison House Transitional Sober Living Homes of New York, a network of long-standing & highly regarded affordable halfway & 3/4 houses designed for men in early recovery from drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

SINCE 1991 Harrison House – featuring 7 locations throughout Staten Island, NY – has been providing men in early recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism with an affordable and highly reputable transitional sober living housing option in which to build a life-long foundation in recovery!  WE KNOW FROM FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE the many dangers and common pitfalls prevalent to those in early recovery…

Throughout New York and the East Coast in general, the terms used to describe this type of addiction and alcoholism recovery residence service can very greatly.  The most common terms are: sober living home, transitional housing, 3/4 houses, sober residences, etc. The term “halfway house” tends to have different meanings however.  While along the West Coast you will hear this term to describe sober living homes and residences for parolees, others parts of the country including the East Coast will use the term “Halfway House” to describe an actual licensed treatment center with medical staff on-site.  Harrison House Sober Living Homes actually have 2 different levels of residences, PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 homes.  Both offer very affordable, clean, professional housing for men in recovery.  Phase 1 has a higher level of structure than Phase 2 ; together these two programs are designed to provide a healthy and proactive recovery schedule on a realistic timeline.


Harrison House Sober Living Housing & Networked Recovery Services Offered:

  > Upscale transitional sober living 3/4 housing for working professionals
  > Low-income sober residences for those with limited financial means
  > Nationwide intervention & sober transport services
  > Sober coaching, life coaching, career/job assistance
  > Off-site outpatient (IOP) addiction treatment services
  > Off-site medical detoxification services


Whether you’re new to the recovery process or just exiting a treatment center / halfway house, or maybe just coming off a recent relapse or bump in the road, Harrison House is truly like none other!  More than anything else, we care…we really do.  We also understand the reality that no two drug addicts or alcoholics are alike.  Across the board, nearly all professional licensed treatment personnel – whether employed at a drug rehab, halfway house or by independent recovery-based service – agree that integrating some type of structured sober living residence will greatly improve NOT ONLY one’s likelihood for attaining long-term sobriety, but equally important, an improved quality of sobriety.  After all, without quality sobriety and enjoyment in life why bother being sober in the first place?



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For more information on Harrison House Transitional Sober Living Services of New York we welcome your call or email 7 days a week at:

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Or you may complete our CONFIDENTIAL contact form along the right hand margin of this page…normal response time is usually 2 to 4 hours.


New York Sober Living Homes and 3/4 Halfway Houses in Staten Island, New York